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the forest of the patanella

the forest of the patanella

The forest of the Patanella is situated within natural it reservoir of the Lagoon of Orbetello. The reservoir instituted in the 1998 from the Italian agency Word Wild Found (WWF), proposes the ripopolamento of some species in via of extinction, detailed lists of the Mediterranean spot. The zone of the Forest of Patanella is characterized from great extensions of plants to low shrub. In the forest a botanical distance has been organized that the visitor leads to discover the beautifulst ones lecci, corks and eriche that live here indisturbati from years; during this distance some turrets of sight are found every so often, from which it is possible, with a little patience, to notice some species of rapaci as the Aquila of sea or migratory others flown them as fenicotteri, ducks and folaghe. The reservoir moreover accommodates also a Center of Education Acclimatizes them, didactic laboratories us and garden of butterflies.

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