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monticello amiata

monticello amiata

Amiata Monticello is located along the south-western slopes of Monte Amiata, the town is protected by hundreds of hectares of forests and conifers and chestnut. The village of Ponticello dates back to the early decades of the thirteenth century, the land was sold by the Benedictine monks of the Abbey of San Salvatore to the inhabitants of the area. The urban structure of the country is composed so that the main church is the highest point in the country, the doors will be located to the north and south and are linked by a path that crosses the country along its length. The main street is only interrupted in the middle of the country is where the beautiful village square. The main street is diramano all other roads in the country, linked together by these so chiassi, narrow alleys cross. The walls of the village composed by the two ports, port and port Piccina Grande, are flanked by five bastions, of which only three have remained intact. From country can enjoy wonderful views, which open on boundless valleys of the Maremma, and valleys of dell'Orcia.

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