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cala violina

cala violina

Cala Violina
must follow the directions given to arrive at Polveriera, but it must continue for up to 2Km about Puntone; surpassed the channel used as a tourist port, before beginning a long uphill curve, shooting right, routes around 1000 metres the road becomes dirt, continuing still arrive at a crossroads on the right can leave the car and then continue on the left on foot or by bicycle because the road is no longer practicable by motor vehicles.
After the barrier is the maquis with beautiful views of the Gulf of Follonica.
Paths approximately 1500 metres arrive in Cala Martina , a small rocky beach (a monument on the trail and a stone at sea, remember the flight of Garibaldi chased by papal guards) still continuing along the path and other routes to reach 2500 meters Cala Violina , famossissima beach that owes its name to detail that the noise ago when sand is violated

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