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bathrooms of the donne beach

bathrooms of the donne beach

The cove is introduced irta, is approached fastens alone through a narrow lane, the only gravel beach is situated just in bottom to the path. The rest of the cove is formed from a steep reef, to whose top is situates some buildings to you. The blue sea is punctuated here and here from some scogli that they dull from the marine bottom. A cove of certain beauty, on the cape one rigogliosa vegetation from hospitalities to some species of flown them that in I interlace of the Mediterranean shrubs finds a sure shelter. The cove is of remarkable interest, not only for the idler tourists who find a tranquillity angle here, but also for the more adventurers and sportswomen, in fact the immersions in this cove turn out much beautiful, are for the marine fauna that for I found them same.

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