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the village of orbetello

the village of orbetello

The origins of Orbetello are ancient: some reperti bony and silicei testify the presence of the neolithic man, while of the cinerarie urns that protovillanoviano; the first takeovers etruschi are attest you around to the WAYS century a.C. The most particular geographic conformation of the peninsula of Orbetello has contributed to make of a territory within, representing a valid repaired naval landing place from stormy the twenty of libeccio and a fioriente point trades them with the cities of the entroterra. As demonstrated from it walls perimetrali, Orbetello is fortified of fortifications since the antichi times. In the course of the centuries several the dominators have restructured, widened and modified the preesistenti defensive structures; the certainty is had however that the fortifications constructed from the Spanish were realized over medieval constructions already modernized from the Republic of Siena. The part more consisting of the Orbetellane fortifications rises on the more vulnerable side that watches the mainland, supply in the Middle Ages of small square towers. Rests of towers are found moreover where currently the bastion of S. rises today Maria and in the Rocca (former Fortress). It walls walls Them orbetellane come commonly attributed to the Etruscan and Roman work, but recent studies have demonstrated that probably their realization laughed them to the Villanoviani, given over people to the hunting and the peach that the lagoon zone inhabited approximately 10 centuries a.C., like testified also from the presence, in the territory, of some reperti recovered to Terrarossa di Monte Argentario and in the orbetellana campaign in locality S. Donato. Observing them carefully "It walls Ciclopiche", notice some arches that they seem to have been walls to you in successive age to the same construction of Mura; if it catches a glimpse some in particular, through which probably the boats could catch up through a channel put into effect it them Garibaldi public square, leaving thinking that anciently the water caught up the center of the city. Garibaldi public square Public square Garibaldi, a time Public square of Independence, anciently was nicknamed "Public square of the Bivouac", to testimony of the fact that already gives to centuries the orbetellani loves to take a walk, to sostare and to chat in the public square and the contiguous ways. On the palace that dominates it, one rises the Tower of the high Clock 25 meters and with a bell fused for public subscription in 1506 and under the clock, the monument to Giuseppe Garibaldi is found, than today it gives also the name to them. The public square is bordered from an ancient kiosk of newspapers, constructed in 1906 (modernized then in 1967) and from many storees of historical origin, like the Cosana Pharmacy, than nacque in 1830, or the Coffee of the Lucchese, opened for all the night, where also the brigante Tiburzi secretly oed to taste the rinomata drink. Until 1927 was admirable also one Fontana, made to construct from the Lorena; then, just in 1927, Fontana came transferred to the Idroscalo, from where she disappeared mysteriously in the null one during the years of the last world-wide conflict. E' in Garibaldi public square that concentrates the social life of the city, and is always here that the historical manifestations are carried out from always all, cultural and political.

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