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albinia during the middle ages

albinia during the middle ages

Albinia is a center of recent constitution situated on the way Aurelia, in the pressed ones of the foce of the Albegna river. From the immense ones pinete of spiagge tirreniche and the evocative centers of the entroterra can here comfortably be caught up meremmano. On the left river of the Albegna, in proximity of the foce, the Fort is found of Goes up some going back in its shapes puts into effect them to 1620, allorch├Ę the Spanish inglobarono in one more wide structure the tower mails from the senese administration to guard of the near ones goes up some. Proceeding towards Magliano, from Albinia Doganella can be caught up, where the ancient Etruscan center of Kalo├╣sion rose, developed perhaps in consequence of the conquest, from part of Vulci, antichi centers which Marsiliana. In the recintata Area a road to pebbles flanked from buildings is distinguished of which the walls of foundation with small remain leave of raised. To approximately three kilometers, in locality S. Donato, they signal one tomb to room of the WAYS century a.C. and the rests of one roman furnace of Hellenistic age.

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