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talamone and its historical center

talamone and its historical center

Draft of a small country placed on a cape to peak on the sea, in the part north of the common one of Orbetello, near Fonteblanda; he is easy raggiungibile through the SS Aurelia or with the train. Situated in the more southern part of the Natural Park of the Fen, Talamone shows oneself on the characteristic gulf and the below tourist port: the country is enclosed within one encircled building and is dominated from massiccia Rocca, built up in XV the century from the Senese Republic on plan of Lorenzo architect Di said Peter the Old woman, mails guard of the gulf. During the construction of a military fort in the 1892 they came recovered, near the hill of Talamonaccio, numerous fragments of frontonale relief belonged to a tempio subsequently characterized little under the top of the same hill. The structure laughed them to IV the century a.C. and had presumablly to be Etruscan, but the fronton came much later placed on the building, probably in the 150 a.C.; fire traces make to presume little that the tempio it is burnt, after the 100 a.C., perhaps during the social war between Mario and Silla, or for natural causes.

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