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the terme of osa

the terme of osa

Since the ancien times the coming from waters from natural sources, coves, or warm water river basins, have been take advantage of you for their beneficial property and regenerating. Italy is one of the richer countries under this point of view and particolar way the Tuscany. The most ancient thermal structures in Tuscany go back to the period Etruscan-Roman, like the zone of Saturnia, many famous to the old inhabitants of these coasts, than they oed in these warm water sources in order to find again physical and spiritual well-being. The terme of OSA are situated to three kilometers from the sea, in one rich zone of archaeological diggings of Etruscan age. The thermal cures are a healthy method in order to buy back physical and spiritual equilibrium, through the elements of the nature. Generally the thermal structures are dipped in atmospheres of evocative beauty, like campaigns or forests. The terme of OSA are found dipped between greens forests and one calm beach.

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