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the baths of petriolo

the baths of petriolo

According to some studies the baths of Petriolo were famous also to the Roman, even if the first written testimonies go back to 1230. These terme as many others in all the Tuscany were attended in passed from more or less famous personages like Galeazzo Malatesta of Pesaro, the marquis of Ferrara, Niccolò III of Este and the Duke of Urbino, Federico II of Montefeltro. The waters of Petriolo gush to a temperature of 43° C, on the skillful river of the river Reputation, the natural bathtubs create an evocative one cascatella, in which the water goes slowly pian cooling off itself, creating bathtubs of thermal water to various temperatures, where first directly receiving the water from the source they have a temperature that varies between the 47 and i 40° C, while in that lower water it stretches to cool off itself remarkablly, maintaining itself always on i 30/25° C. In the last bathtub, that larger temperature still comes down maintaining itself however warm. The waters of Petriolo contain a high percentage of found sulfur also in the air of the zone, in fact the odore fort that is felt has had just to this.

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